008.  VEGETABLE FRIED RICE ($10 - one size)

           ** Cơm chiên không thịt.

             (Ingredients: white rice, cucumber, carrotS, green beanS, corns, eggs, fish sauce and hoisin sauce).

009.  TOFU SOFT NOODLE ($10 - one size)

           ** Hủ tiếu, hoặc mì xào tofu.

             (Ingredients: white or yellow noodle, cucumber, carrot, green bean, corns, eggs and tofu).

010.  SOUP WITH TOFU. (LARGE $9.50, SMALL $7.50)

           ** Phở tofu.

          (Ingredients: tofu, white noodle and a basket of vegetable).

011.  SOUP WITHOUT MEAT ($7.50 - one size)

          ** Phở không thịt

  (Ingredients: chicken and beef broth with white/yellow noodle and a basket of vegetable).

Note: Extra Meat, $4.00  | Extra Noodle/Rice, $2.00

Disclaimer: All prices are subject to change without prior notice